Shared Bread Emergency Assistance

King County Assistance Information

King County Assistance Information

What Shared Bread can do to help:

  • We can help with a small amount toward your Utilities, Rent, or Water bill.

  • We can only help once in twelve months.

  • Our appointments are usually held on Wednesdays.


  • You must live within the Kent School District boundaries.
    (This may include some people in Renton and Covington, whose children attend or will attend Kent Schools.)
    You don’t have to have children attending school—but live in an area where, if you had children, they would be attending Kent School District schools.
    (If you aren't sure if you are in the Kent School District, go to the Kent School District website then enter your address.)

  • You must have a shut-off or urgent notice if you need help with utilities--power bills or water bills.


  • You must have an eviction or 3-day vacate notice if you need help with rent.

  • You cannot have been helped by us in the last 12 months.

How Do I Get an Appointment?

  • Please call the church office at 253-852-0993 on Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. and set up an appointment.
    (the exceptions to this are national holidays that fall on Mondays -- in that case, please call on Tuesday morning.)

  • We only do 8 appointments a week. These appointments fill up very quickly so it is important to call at 9:00 a.m. and be persistent in order to receive an appointment. The phone lines will be busy and, if you wait even a half an hour, it is unlikely that you will receive an appointment.

If You Receive an Appointment, You Must:

  • Bring your eviction, 3-day, or utilities notice and picture ID.

  • Bring along your apartment address and a contact phone number for the apartment manager if you need help with your rent.

  • Please call and cancel if you are unable to come. If you do not come, it means someone who needed help will miss out on receiving assistance.

  • If you do not come, and don’t cancel, it counts as your once-a-year visit and we won’t be able to help you for another 12 months.

What to Do if the Appointments Are Full:

Other Help Available: