Rev. Jim Head-Corliss

Lead Pastor

Hi, I’m Pastor Jim Head-Corliss.

If you are new to the church, let me tell you a bit about us.
The heart of the matter is this:
we are a group of people of all ages,
all shapes, sizes, and kinds, doing our very best
to Love God and to love our neighbors.

One of the ways we express this love is through
worship because our God is truly amazing!
God created everything, great and small.
God’s love is incredible, powerful, and unconditional.
So, worship is really important to us.
We also spend time looking into God’s
word in the Bible for practical teaching,
looking for God’s path in our everyday lives.

But following Jesus doesn’t end when our worship is finished.
Throughout the week we gather in groups to
serve, pray, reach out to our community, and
sometimes just to hangout and have fun together.

Look, we know that life is full of challenges.
No one here at our church is perfect.
This is one of the reasons that God has brought us together.
We’re all here to help and support each other through
each step of life’s journey because no one
should have to travel alone.