January 2019 Administrative Council Highlights

  • Finance presented the final report for 2018, which showed income of $532,278 and expense of $538,637 for a deficit of $6.359.  In addition, during the meeting, various adjustments were approved to the 2019 budget.

  • The December Ad Council approved the formation of the Budget Task Group.  The Task Group has been formed with Len Whalen as chair, Pastor Jim as the Ex Officio member and George Adams, Sandy Dunkel, Ellis Haw, Rich Kimmie, Linda Mills, Verla Morrison and Dave Robinett as members.

  • Ray Orme, the vice chair of Ad Council, will be the chair for the month of February while Roy is on vacation.

  • Last Sunday Pastor Jim asked the church to pray that we find the right person for our Director of Youth Discipleship.  Just prior to the January Ad Council meeting, some members of the SPRC along with some youth and adults interviewed a person for that position. Those present recommend that the SPRC continue to work with the candidate.  We all are encouraged to pray that this person might be the right fit for our church.

  • Rich Kimmie informed the Ad Council of the State’s new Employee Family and Medical Leave program and how it will affect our church. Since we have less than 50 employees, the church would not have to pay the “company” portion of the premium. However, the employees would have to pay their portion.  For all of our employees, the cost would be a total of $732.46 for 2019. The SPRC felt that the church should pay the employ’s portion and the Ad Council agreed.

  • The Ad Council discussed whether the salaries for the Shared Bread coordinator & assistances ($12/hour) should be paid by the church’s operating budget or taken out of the Shared Bread account.  After much discussion, the Ad Council voted to have the salaries taken out of the Shared Bread account for 2019 and beyond.

  • Evelyn Reymond gave a little history of H.O.M.E and how KUMC has supported this outreach over the years. In the past, other churches have helped with meals when we have hosted.  This will no longer be the case when we are hosting in February. We will only have help during the first half of February. Therefore, Evelyn recommended that we provide sack lunches and dinner for second two weeks of February.  The Ad Council agreed with her.

  • Dee D’Ambrosio, chair of the Hospitality Team, invites individuals and groups to be responsible for Sunday Coffee Hour.  This is a very important time for us to talk with one another and greet visitors.  Dee is encouraging everyone to sigh up on the calendar in the Fellowship Hall.

  • Sarah Davidson, Car Camping Coordinator, met with the Salvation Army and they want to help with the car campers. This is very exciting news.

Roy Bollinger, Chair of the Administrative Council