Administrative Council Highlights for March 2019.

There is a new item on the Ad Council agenda.  Pastor Jim and the Directors of Discipleship will lead us through leadership training for the next few months using Junius Dodson’s videos.  The purpose is to make the leadership of the church more cognizance of their role in leading owr church.

Len Whalen, Chair of the Finance Committee, reported that the Budget Taskforce Group has met and is working hard on developing ways of close the gap in what we have budgeted and actuality in both expense and income.  There will be a Town Meeting on their findings.  The meeting will be after Easter and will be announced to the congregation.

 Glen Cushman presented a fund-raising proposal for a community-wide garage sale which was developed by Gary Zink and Ed Lindsley.  This proposal has been supported by the Finance committee and was presented to the Ad Council for discussion and comments.  Keep your eyes open for more information.

The Reconciling Fellowship presented the following:

“In February, a special meeting of the General Conference of United Methodist Church delegates voted to accept the Traditional Plan 438 votes (53%) to 384 votes (47%). In contrast, the leadership of the Western Jurisdiction and the Pacific Northwest Conference confirmed that the Western Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church is a home for ALL God’s people, all genders and orientations, gathered around a table of reconciliation and transformation.  We are reconciled to God through Christ and transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, the Staff Parish Relations Committee on Monday, March 18, enthusiastically and unanimously approved the following motion:  “Because the KUMC ministry is for all people, we support our pastor in officiating same sex marriages and opposite sex marriages in our church and outside.”

After consultation with Pastor Jim, the Reconciling Fellowship presents two motions to the Administrative Council.  They are as follows.

  • Motion 1: The Administrative Council supports having weddings at Kent United Methodist Church for all genders and orientations.

  • Motion 2: The Administrative Council supports Pastor Jim Head-Corliss officiating at weddings for all genders and orientations.”

There was a discussion about being in violation of the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline and the risk of loosing membership if these motions were passed even though our church is already a Reconciling church.  Motion 1 was tabled in a vote of 9 for, 4 against and no abstentions.  Motion 2 passed in a vote of 11 for and 1 against and 1 abstention.

Roy Bollinger, Chair of the Administrative Council