March's Virtue of the Month: LOYALTY

"Commit your life to the Lord. If you trust God, God will make the reward for your godly life shine like the dawn, and the proof of your honest life shine like the sun at noon." Psalm 37:5-6

Meet Virtue Buddy Larry the LOYAL Labrador!

Loyalty is giving or showing constant support and faithfulness to a person or institution

A LOYAL friend will stick by you, no matter what.

A LOYAL follower of Jesus will live the way Jesus taught even when it is not easy

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Jesus was LOYAL to God throughout his life, even when it was not easy, because he trusted God and knew God loved him and would make everything right in the end.

Larry reminds us that we can be LOYAL followers of Jesus, no matter what is happening, because we can TRUST Jesus and know that Jesus loves us and will make everything right in the end!