A Church-wide Challenge to Pray out loud during Lent

Throughout our church, most people are uncomfortable praying aloud with others. So, this year during the season of Lent, I am challenging our whole church to pray aloud once each day with someone else. Here are few suggestions to get you started…

  • Start with someone you know well, someone you can trust with your heart.

  • Don’t worry about using the right words or correct grammar. Instead just pray simply about whatever is on your mind or in your heart.

  • Pray about the things that you think matter to God.

  • Pray about the things that matter to the person with whom you are praying. Ask them, “What in your life can I pray about?” Then, listen carefully to what they share and pray from the heart about those things.

  • Be specific and concrete when you pray. Lofty abstractions and big words just conceal your heart.

  • Try praying with children. Kids are really open-hearted and seldom judge prayers. Praying with children can start them on a life-long relationship with God.

  • The three simplest prayers we all need to pray each day are, “Thank you, God.” “Help me, God.” And, “Forgive me, God.”

An everyday conversation with God will connect you heart-to-heart with God. Prayer will make your relationship with God personal, powerful, and real. Prayer will change your life. But not if you don’t pray. The only way to get more comfortable with praying aloud and praying with others is to pray aloud with others.

This year during the season of Lent let’s be a people of prayer!

One of Your Partners Along the Jesus Way,

Pastor Jim