Fruit of the Spirit

The Sunday School children are having fun learning about the Fruit of the Spirit!

The fruit of the Spirit is the change in our character, the way we live, and how we experience life that comes about because of the Holy Spirit’s work in us.  We do not become good Christians on our own, and we cannot grow on our own.  “God is working in you.  He wants your plans and your acts to fulfill his good purpose.”  Philippians 2:13. 

Have you learned the cool, fun song with hand motions? Check out this cool, fun song that we will teach the kids with hand motions below.


Each month, we will challenge the kids to draw pictures of the Fruit Emoji acting out the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit for each new month. We will post these on the bulletin board in the hallway going to the Fellowship Hall. We would love your encouragement and involvement as a congregation to notice the pictures, and maybe even add one of your own!


Our third fruit is Julie the Joyful Jujube. 

Julie knows that God helps us to CHOOSE to be JOYFUL, even when things might not go our way.  Being JOYFUL is an “Every Day, All Day” attitude, not just a reaction when something good happens.  JOY lives in our hearts.  For example, you can lose a football game, but still be JOYFUL that you have great teammates, a caring coach, supportive parents, and you can show good sportsmanship for a sport that you love.

Julie understands that God wants her to share her JOY with others.   She can use positive, happy words when talking to people, she can do acts of kindness for friends and strangers, and she can praise God so that others can get to know HIS LOVE.  When Julie shares her JOY, it gets stronger and it grows bigger! 

Julie believes that JOY comes from just knowing that God is always with us!  Everything around us reminds of God’s Love for us.  The beautiful snow, the cuddly puppies, the super, cool friends and family members.  God created all of these wonderful things just for YOU!  Seeking out God is JOYFUL!

God is EVERYWHERE!  And he loves us so much! 

Can you draw a picture of Julie showing her JOYFULNESS to God?