Fruit of the Spirit

The Sunday School children are having fun learning about the Fruit of the Spirit!

The fruit of the Spirit is the change in our character, the way we live, and how we experience life that comes about because the Holy Spirit is at work in us. We do not become good Christians on our own, and we cannot grow on our own.

“God is working in you. He wants your plans and your acts to fulfill his good purpose.” Philippians 2:13.

Have you learned the cool, fun Fruit of the Spirit song with hand motions? Please help your child learn the song by watching the video below.

Our fourth fruit is Percy the Peaceful Peach.

Percy knows that God can create a wonderful PEACE in his heart for EVERY situation. He doesn’t have to worry or feel nervous about something happening in his life, like a big test at school, moving to a new neighborhood, or even walking to school by himself. He just needs to TRUST that God is there to help him and watch over him.

Percy understands that he can help to create PEACE by trying to understand how others feel, and forgiving others when they have done something to make him sad. Being angry, holding grudges and trying to get back at someone is not how God wants him to behave. Living in PEACE means choosing to have positive, loving relationships with people around him.

And finally, Percy believes that his PEACE can spread to all of the people around him, and can grow stronger and more powerful to make special things happen in the world! Sometimes Percy sees people behaving badly in big crowds, but he has also seen God’s work in huge groups of people helping other people in times of need, praising God in worship, and making a positive difference in the world by appreciating and respecting all the differences in people.

As parents, thank you for modeling mature, Christian Faith in your home. This month, please focus your teaching time on the Fruit of God’s Spirit, especially PEACE. Please ask your child to draw a picture of Percy that shows how living God’s PEACE has blessed his life.