Fruit of the Spirit

The Sunday School children are having fun learning about the Fruit of the Spirit!

The fruit of the Spirit is the change in our character, the way we live, and how we experience life that comes about because the Holy Spirit is at work in us. We do not become good Christians on our own, and we cannot grow on our own.

“God is working in you. He wants your plans and your acts to fulfill his good purpose.” Philippians 2:13.

Have you learned the cool, fun Fruit of the Spirit song with hand motions? Please help your child learn the song by watching the video below.

Our seventh fruit is Gilbert the Good Grape.

Gilbert knows that GOODNESS is shown by wanting to do things that will be a blessing to others. He doesn’t do good things just so that people will think he is a super nice person. He does good things so others can feel God’s LOVE. When he gets praise for his good deeds, Gilbert knows that the praise is really for God’s Good Works through him. Gilbert feels happy knowing that God sees the GOODNESS in his heart!

Gilbert knows that God’s GOODNESS means doing things for others that they might not be able to do for themselves.  Giving money, food or clothes to the poor, watching out for small children, visiting someone who is sick, hurt or sad, and helping neighbors after storms, fires or floods are ways Gilbert can share God’s LOVE.

When Gilbert doesn’t feel like showing GOODNESS, he knows that all he needs to do is PRAY, and God will put the right thoughts in his head and heart. God will give him the energy to take the extra time and effort needed to lend a helping hand to someone that really needs it. God is always willing to help us help others. It makes God so happy!

As parents, thank you for modeling mature, Christian Faith in your home. This month, please focus your teaching time on the Fruit of God’s Spirit, especially GOODNESS. Please ask your child to draw a picture of Gilbert that shows how being GOOD like God has blessed his life. And… don’t forget to learn the Fruit of the Spirit song with your kids by June 10!