Growing into Mature Faith


Ever thought about what you'd say if someone asked you about God?

What spiritual gifts has God given you?

How do you explain the meaning of life?

And what about following Jesus, the purpose of the church, or the power of the Holy Spirit in your life?


These are difficult questions. At Kent United Methodist Church we would like to be a resource to students and families as you think about the wonder and mystery of human life and the importance and power of your Christian practice.


Every other year we offer an 8 month small group experience designed to help high school aged youth (grades 9-12) explore their lives’ meaning, to ask the big questions, and to understand some of the ways these questions have been answered by Christians around the world and over centuries in time. We call it confirmation.


Confirmation is our church’s invitation to high school youth to explore their own spirituality. Participants will be exposed to Christian teaching about God, Jesus, grace, the church, discipleship, and social justice. They will be given the tools they can use for the rest of their lives to grow in faith. Confirmation, at Kent United Methodist Church, is initiation into adulthood to the extent that we intentionally treat young people as if they are ready to wrestle with life’s greatest and most perplexing questions. We believe they are ready. This class is the primer on our Christian faith.


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